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Jul 17, 2020 - 11 minute read

Godmen Leaders and Superstars

His pictures and idols adorn many homes with garland of scented flowers, mildly glowing incense sticks lit close to his idol disseminating the aura of spiritual well-being to families who worship him. To his devotees, he is the supreme power, the messenger of God, the healer of all ailments, the remover of all obstacles. But who is he ? While all of his devotees claim that there is no one like him, rest of us have come across many godmen with similar traits.

Jul 17, 2020 - 8 minute read

Our Thoughts Do Not Belong to Us

Our thoughts do not belong to us Hundred million inventions, ten million patents, a million patent-infringement law-suits and a few thousand proven claims of original inventions defending these law-suits - the numbers might be fictional; yet they depict the state of affairs in the world we live today. I always wondered about what makes an inventor, scientist, engineer, artist or a philosopher special. There seems to be one common element in all of them (or rather all human beings): an idea or thought that motivates them all.