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Jul 17, 2020 - 11 minute read

Godmen Leaders and Superstars

His pictures and idols adorn many homes with garland of scented flowers, mildly glowing incense sticks lit close to his idol disseminating the aura of spiritual well-being to families who worship him. To his devotees, he is the supreme power, the messenger of God, the healer of all ailments, the remover of all obstacles. But who is he ? While all of his devotees claim that there is no one like him, rest of us have come across many godmen with similar traits. The question should rather be “Who are they ?” and “What make them so special ?” While they do earn an army of haters and non-believers who call them scam artists, deceivers and blasphemers, these godmen do have a significant following of devotees who throng to their shrines to get a glimpse of them in person and seek their blessings. They have been there since the dawn of mankind. They have created many religions, cult, communities and societies made up of their followers and believers. They have written scripts, rules, laws and have defined life that their devotees follow. Though many of these godmen have left the world like any other mortal human beings, their shrines still remain, so do their preachings which their devotees carry over to their generations. Some of their devotees continue to worship them, while others move on seeking new masters.

Then there are Leaders. A chosen few who become the role model for thousands or even millions that follow. They inspire and motivate their followers with their principles and ideals. They have played many roles in the society - as kings, conquerors, vikings, sultans, emperors, dictators, commanders, bosses, politicians, freedom fighters, scientists, engineers, philosophers, entrepreneurs and business tycoons. Their charisma and personality inspire many to follow them. Infact, most followers are willing to sacrifice their lives for their leaders. Often, the followers have strong faith on their leaders and believe them to be perfect human beings.

And there are Superstars. We watch them entertain us in movies, songs, music and sporting activities (football, cricket, tennis and so on). I have seen life-size posters of famous cricketers, football players, singers, actors and rock bands stuck on most my friends room cupboard doors. Most fans idolize their stars and believe them to be their role models.

Godmen, Leaders and Superstars - all have something in common. People like them, support them or even worship them. Careful introspection to this trend would reveal some interesting facts. Most godmen that I have come across are actually not perfect, their preachings are nothing new, they tell us the same thing that we like to hear, the same words that our fore-fathers would have heard from godmen in their times. Some godmen even claim to be the incarnation of God himself, or their devotees claim them to be gods. Devotees testify miracles performed by godmen, many that defy the laws of physics (or even biology) - we hear them all the time. The Leaders that many follow are not perfect either. They have their own selfish motives often masked in layers of deception from their gullible followers. How often have political leaders delivered to their promises ? How often have entrepreneurs sacrificed their luxury, infused their profit earnings back into their companies that made them, for the betterment of their employees during times of recession ? The superstars that thousands (or millions) of fans follow aren’t the best either. We have seen superstars who aren’t great actors, great singers nor musicians, but their fans like them for their logic defying stunts, or their redundant and non-creative music. Of course, a devotee, a follower or a fan would argue and beg for a debate to prove we are wrong and that all comparisons are subjective as not everyone would think or like the same thing.

Now, the big question is - What makes Godmen, Leaders and Superstars famous ? The answer to that is very simple: The faith of their followers. Faith in my opinion is a very powerful energy wave that any human brain can transmit or transduce. All brain activities trigger electrical impulses within its neurons which generate electromagnetic waves around the brain. Electromagnetic waves of specific wavelength patterns around human brain would also excite neurons within the human brain. You can have faith on anything - people, religion, self, future, politics, career, temples, idols and god. Infact, I believe that Faith is God. When thousand or million people have faith on a single entity which could be their perception of god, or a political leader or a cricket player, their brain could be emitting energy waves with similar pattern or wavelength thus creating a more coherent and amplified energy that would resonate back into each other’s brain triggering a sense of satisfaction, comfort and well-being within each self. This phenomenon has been widely witnessed in group hysteria or mass hysteria.

When a group of people participate together to think alike on the same direction with strong belief, their brains start to transmit energy waves with identical patterns. These energy waves would be received by each other’s brain and re-transmitted back creating a form of resonance pattern amongst the participants. This effectively creates a form of cohesive bonding of each participants brain activity, much like how living cells bond together in an organism. Such collective bonding of human minds create a feeling of oneness which many percieve as god. As the brain of each participant seem extended with its energy bonding with other participants, it could control the bodily functions and patterns much better improving the overall well-being of each participant. This again depends on what each of the participant is collectively thinking. If three or more participants strongly feel fear and trigger panic within their brains, this energy wave would also resonate amongst others creating a mass panic. Hate crimes, mob-violence, mass agitation could be some of the negative effects of the brain wave energy bonding. Human beings are social species where they feel comfortable staying in company of like-minded groups - this could be the result of the same brain wave energy bonding. When two or more people with identical skills and wavelength engage in a group-study or work-collaboration, they are generally proven to be more productive than summation of each individual which again could be due to their brain wave energy bonding.

Most religions preach that God is everywhere. Yet people with faith in their religions often visit temples, churches and mosques and participate in mass-prayers rather than pray at comfort of their own houses. The reason for this practice should not surprise us - when hundreds or thousands of people are physically closer at a common place, pray to the same god, chant the same prayers and portray the same faith towards their gods, there brains align in coherence to the energy wave patterns that each devotee’s brain transduce. This would trigger senses of comfort, satisfaction, salvation, clarity of thought and so on that many devotees testify. In reality, its not the temple, god, or preachings that matter the most. What matters is the coherence of brain activity in each devotee. Such traits are common even in rock shows where many fans hum and dance to the same tune along with their rockstar, or in political rallies where all people sense a feeling of satisfaction, hope and confidence in their leaders.

When many people think of their star in good faith, their stars enjoy the benefit in terms of success in every venture they pursue. If thousands of people believe that their spiritual leader is high above all and spiritually powerful, this would appraise their leader’s spiritual power and in turn make him feel higer above all. When media highlight an upcoming star or an entrepreneur, more and more people might have faith on their talent, which in turn might appraise the star or the entrepreneur to the next level. When more investors put faith on a company and its top executives, they are investing in that company making the company’s entrepreneur richer and more powerful with money at his disposal.

In the recent times, people are losing faith in their religions as their preachings and miracles do not go well with science and logic. People are beginning to lose faith in temples, churches, gods, government, leaders and politicians. People are losing faith in themselves and also on the system that binds their society/community. This is also the reason for unrest amongst people that get manifested as petty crimes, violent mobs, community conflicts, war and terrorism.

Modern societies are drifting away from spirituality due to their obsession with materalistic life - where people are educated and trained to believe only what is percievable by their five senses. All scientific studies, laws, rules and regulations are based on perception of five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste). The whole aspect of mental activity (thought, conscience, feelings, intuitions, monitions) are simply neglected and rejected as unreal. Thus, man is equated to a piece of machinery with predefined set of acceptable rules to keep the community working. Thus, meditation, spirituality and the science of mind power and control are normally suppressed and perhaps dealt with in secrecy of few secret societies.

Most people today are filled with selfishness and greed to outlive each other; monetary wealth has become the single most powerful weapon to help them accomplish their goals and cherish their dreams. It seems that there is a system at work that has been keeping most of us in the dark, subverting our full mental capacity by employing many techniques of diversion that include greediness, selfishness, jealousness, cowardliness, possessiveness and ego. The purpose of this system could be to keep us disconnected from one another so that we can be better controlled by it. This system has put in place - the whole concept of governance, laws, races, roles, indifferences, wars, suppression, money and wealth to keep people diverted and fully involved into the materialistic world.

Modern societies only have laws to monitor people and police them. When a crime is committed, investigations are done, the criminal identified and is sentenced to a punishment based on a rule-book. But nothing is really being done to prevent the crime in the first place. The punishment is generally intended to instill fear in people’s mind so as to deter anybody else from committing a similar crime again. But this system is clearly flawed due to the fact that most crimes are committed when a criminal has his selfish motive and greed masking his fear and distort his rational thinking. If societies were connected beyond the five physical senses - crime, war and terror could be at best prevented in the first place.

To understand this analogy better, try and imagine a group of living cells put together where each living cell has life on its own and is fully functional in all aspects of its life-cycle. You could think of a group of bacteria cells thriving on a drop of sugar syrup. The bacteria cells reproduce and multiply rapidly or rather greedily while consuming the sugar syrup. Each bacteria cell is independent and is only worried about its own consumption and reproduction. Eventually, when food source gets depleted, the entire syrup would be fermented enough to kill all the bacterial cells. Now, think of a mice licking the drop of sugar syrup. The mice is made of similar living cells - but with one notable difference. Each living cell of the mice is not on its own, but rather bonded to millions of other living cells and working in cohesion. Each living cell of the mice is helping each other in someway or the other and they all work together towards a common goal - to bond and survive together.

In current generation, people at large like these bacteria. They seem to be connected physically with layers of abstractions created to satisfy their five senses - money, medallions, rewards, entertainment media, telecommunication media, fashionable dresses and so on. In a modern society, faith does not matter; what matters is one’s talent that could be demonstrated physically. When someone demonstrates miracles that could not be explained with laws of physics and logic, people idolize them as leaders, masters or god. The godmen, spiritual and religious leaders would exploit this opportunity to demonstrate miracles. Actors perform death-defying stunts which though completely staged, still invoke a sense of realism in the minds of their gullible fans who watch their movies. With more and more people becoming fans of the actor or devotees of godmen, they are trying to resurrect their lost faith - but without rational thinking.

The progress of mankind shall happen when people realise that their faith in itself is a powerful energy - when all of mankind would come together irrespective of religion, race, community, country in a common thought-process. I think the ultimate goal of evolution on earth could be union of each living being forming a physically sustainable ecosystem with a single conscience much like living cells in a human body.